TS Dating Online: Guidelines For Noobs

Thanks to the online dating sites, dating has never been easier. It doesn’t matter whether you are into TS dating, BBW dating or something else. There are a lot of niche dating sites so you will surely find one for yourself. If you are into transgender dating keep in mind that these women can be

3 Famous TS Celebrities

It seems that people are finally starting to warm up to transgender people, but the battle is far from over yet. What is amazing though is that there are many transgender advocates, influencers and other online celebrities that are doing their best to promote tolerance, acceptance and other values that are crucial so that transgender

Top 5 Date Ideas For Senior Singles

Seniors singles are a much more dynamic dating group than most people realize. They are after new and innovative date ideas, the ones they’ve never tried before. This is precisely why we’ve decided to compose a short but comprehensive list of date ideas for older individuals looking to shake things up a bit. If you’re

Top 7 Sports Celebrity Snapchats You Have to Follow Now

Who doesn’t love celebrities and with so many celebs online, it’s so easy to go look up some celebrity Snapchat names and start following celebrity Snapchats that excite and entertain you. The best ones outside comedians are sports stars. Their lives are so interesting and with their amazingly high salaries, and tons of fans, including

Dating a Widower is Never Easy But It’s Worth It

Dating a widower might at first seem daunting. Who wants to compete with the ghost of a spouse? Just thinking about death when starting a relationship is scary. You know this person has dealt with the worst when it comes to love. Losing someone that intimate must be devastating, and how you can believe that

Sexual Health 101: Birth Controls You Have To Know About

In this day and age, there is no excuse for not being informed about birth control methods and practicing safe sex. But to be on the safe side, we have made a list of the most popular ones. Maintaining you sexual health and keeping yourself safe from unwanted pregnancies is something you have to worry

Who Has The Most Instagram Followers in Hollywood?

If you’re anything like us, you’d be surprised to see the list of the top 50 most followed Instagram accounts as of May 21, 2017. Out of the 50 most visited Instagram accounts in the world, only 5 belong to Hollywood heavy hitters! It seems that musicians, athletes, and reality stars flock to Instagram in

What is a Shemale and How to Know If You’re Dating One

Dating is not easy for anyone, not even for royalty or movie stars have an easy go at it, since getting to know someone takes so much time and tact, there are many topics that are hard to breach and can be difficult to bring up, but somehow you have to find out who you’re